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  • Areas of proposed development and the Phase 1 building plan on the 23 acres.

  • The Ministry of Environment's mapped wells and surface water stress in WR3.

  • An overview of land near the estuary that is sold or for sale considered for development.

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Google Earth image showing the 23 acres of land on the west side of the French Creek Estuary outlined in yellow

Land Survey of the 23 acres (revised June 2018), indicating potential development and  environmental assessment areas, existing community park and public right of way. The

.14 and .41 hectare parcels are considered inaccessible by road or driveway.

Courtesy of Elkay Developments Ltd.

Elkay Developments Ltd. of Surrey, BC purchased one hectare (2.47 acres) of the 23 acres and registered it as "Lot A" under the name of "Columbia Beach Developments Ltd." Lot A is bordered by a portion of Viking Way.

Phase 1 preliminary building proposal for one hectare of land bordering Viking Way. Elkay Developments Ltd submitted a Development Permit application February 2019. The RDN has required Elkay to submit aquifer, ground and rainwater assessments and additional info re: form and character of buildings and landscaping.

Courtesy of Elkay Developments Ltd.

Relative surface water stress was reported at 123% in WR3 by MOE indicating that French Creek was overdrawn by 23% more water than was available. 

Changing the Character of the Community

Image of the 23 acres of land with no new development. 

Image of the 23 acres with proposed development areas indicated in red. The remaining portions of land may require environmental evaluation. The .14 hectare and .41 hectare parcels are apparently unable to be accessed by road or driveway.

Image of the 23 acres with proposed development areas indicated in red. The purple area on the other side of the estuary shows the development area proposed by French Creek House Estates. 

Proposed or current development in the area.

Yellow is sold to developers. 

Blue is sold and under development. Red is listed for sale.

Purple is proposed for development.

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