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 French Creek Estuary Land

Photo by Tina Kirschner
Photo by Tina Kirschner

Worth Protecting, Worth Keeping


Twenty three acres of Coastal Douglas fir forest stands

on the west side of the French Creek Estuary creating an important  connection between forest, estuary, river and sea.

This ecological treasure is at risk from a proposed development which threatens the health of the estuary and wildlife.

 Help protect French Creek Estuary Land. 

Our Goals

To protect this critical area from a proposed development.


To keep the land as natural space and wildlife habitat.


To work together with the Regional District of Nanaimo, Conservancy Agencies, and the Community.


To add the land to the existing

Community Park.

Add Your Support To:

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Protect this land from being developed.


Partner with the Regional District of Nanaimo, Conservancy agencies and the Community to protect the land as natural space and wildlife habitat.


Add the land to the existing Regional

District of Nanaimo Community Park. 

    Discover more about this vital estuary, rare Coastal Douglas

fir forest, important wetlands, pond and marsh, and the

abundant wildlife that depend on them.

 Community Comments

This forest area is an amazing place and certainly enhances the livability of the area. We frequently walk with our children and dogs there to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and to observe the wildlife. It would be a shame to have this area lost to us.


Scott Kling, French Creek

Photo by Rory Hill

Ecological Treasure